World Youth Skills Day Contest

World Youth Skills Day is celebrated globally to create awareness amongst people on the importance of skills in the young people. World Youth Skills Day 2021 pays tribute to the resilience and creativity of youth through the crisis. The theme of this year’s World Youth Skills Day is “Re-imagining Youth Skills Post Pandemic”. It highlights the crucial role of skilled youth in addressing current and future global challenges.

Dr Tanya has utmost confidence in the skills and caliber of the young generation. She acts as mentor to many aspiring entrepreneurs. One such project close to her heart is Empowering Women Entrepreneurs or E.W.E.
On this World Youth Skills Day, taking this vision forward, Dr Tanya is introducing a unique contest for youngsters. If you are between the age of 15 and 24, you can join this contest.

Selected entries will become part of the global brand of clothing line - ‘TANAYA’.


The first E.W.E project took under its wings the underprivileged girls of Kerala, who came from deprived backgrounds and also were subjected to physical abuse. Many of them were abused by family members or acquaintances and are now placed in government shelter homes. Once Dr Tanya worked closely with them she understood that what they seek is self-reliance and dignity. Dr Tanya’s mission is to impart training to these girls in skilled jobs as well as life skills and eventually enable them to be self-reliant.

As part of E.W.E, Dr Tanya is launching a brand called ‘TANAYA’, where the products made by these immensely talented girls will be sold in the market. The entire income generated from the sales will go to the girls.

‘TANAYA’ is a Sanskrit word which means Daughter. Rightly named, ‘TANAYA’ envisions to lend a hand to these daughters and to help them stand on their feet.

Youth Design Contest

Be Part of A

We are inviting artworks or designs from youngsters to be imprinted on the clothing line created by the girls from Kerala.  The design can be used in Tie, scarf or makeup bag.

  • The design shall convey the message of ‘Re-imagining the World’.
  • If you are between the age of 15 and 24, you can join this contest.
  • Upload your entries in the section below.
  •  Competition opens 15/7/2021 and closes 16/09/2021 (Valid for all of Semester 3).

Here’s your golden chance to be part of a global clothing brand. The selected designs will become part of the clothing line, ‘TANAYA’.

The winners of the contest will also receive final products made from their own design.


So What Are You Waiting For?

Get those creative juices flowing

Let’s create a new world for these girls through art.
Let’s wipe off the scars through craft.


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