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Tips for lip care naturally     

 Lips are the most expressive features of our face, not only because we talk through them but for their sheer distinctiveness. Lips can talk a lot about our wellbeing. The color, look and feel of the lips can give ample clues about our general health. Feel your lips with hand and you will know that the skin there is thinner than the skin on the other parts of body. Therefore, we need to pay extra care to these soft, supple features. Winter, sun, dry air and wind can take its toll on lips and so they need year-long protection and care.

Under Sun

Lips have absolutely no ability to create melanin, which naturally offers protection against sun. So, lips are pretty much fully exposed and completely unprotected under sun. So, before you step out, always wear lipstick.

Importance of hydration

Keeping hydrated is the key to lip health. So next time, you gulp down water drink that extra mouthful for your lips as well. If you are under the impression that licking lips often will keep them hydrated, then you are wrong. Do not lick lips to make them moist. You might lick lips to keep them hydrated, but it does the opposite. Once the saliva evaporates, the lips become drier. Using some nourishing oils to massage will keep lips hydrated. This will take only 5 minutes from your daily routine.

Drying of lips happen even more when we are asleep. The air tends to dry out our lips during sleep and causes splitting. Use hydrating lip cream or petroleum jelly before sleep. It is also important to remove all traces of makeup from lips before sleep.

Chapping can occur almost in any season. Regular use of lip balm offers the fastest remedy for dry lips. Look for a balm which provides sun protection and has elements like Vitamins A, C or E and AHAs.

Cold sores are caused by viral infections. Use cotton swabs to apply lipstick while sore is visible. If you have swollen lips, consult a doctor as it might be the sign of an allergic reaction to food or any other substance.

Regular scrubbing of lips is vital for healthy lips. Use a mild scrub to remove the dead cells. Above all, what you take in through your mouth reflects in your lips. Eat a healthy diet for soft, pink, healthy lips.

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