Good food to stay warm this winter!

Winter season is here!! Weather is getting frosty!! This is the time we all want to get cosy and get tied to our couch. While we have longed for this chilly weather, it is important to give our body the warmth it needs. While there are many ways to keep ourselves warm, special care must be given to the food that we eat. 

Winter season can be harsh on your health. It also brings mood swings to many. Overcome all these difficulties with the perfect diet for the season. 

  • Cold, cough and other seasonal diseases can be warded off with a commendable stock of Vitamin C in your body. Remember, Vitamin C is a natural immune-booster. Oranges, lemons, carrots and beetroots are rich reservoirs of Vitamin C. 
  • As sunshine becomes a mirage in winter, the body’s reserves of Vitamin D get depleted. Include egg yolks, orange juice, some dairy products, soy milk and fatty fish like tuna, mackerel and salmon in your winter diet.
  • The cold weather can bring dullness and dryness to skin and scalp. Ensure regular intake of vitamin E supplements and peanuts, broccoli, sunflower seeds and cashew nut. 

The winter months are notorious for bringing on weight gain, so beware. Winter months trigger biological changes that make us eat more and more high-calorie food. So, you must try hard to control the over-indulgence in food. Keep a check on your sugar intake. Relish on seasonal veggies with soups and salads. 

  • Nothing is more comforting than the warmth of hot soups in winters. Treat yourself to a warm soupy stew or salad with root vegetables like radish, turnip, sweet potatoes etc. Include lots of onions, potatoes, spinach, Brussels Sprouts, cabbage, olives too in your diet this winter. 
  • When you are having a steaming hot tea first thing in the morning, add ginger root to it and feel the energy.  
  • Regular intake of honey helps to keep the body warm. Honey strengthens the immune system too.  
  • Add dry fruits like almonds, cashew and raisins in your diet. Eat them raw or include them in your salad or milk. 
  • Never forget to add eggs to your diet, as they are rich in proteins and vitamins which help in keeping the body warm. 
  • Warm stewed apples and pears are the perfect winter warmer dessert.
  • Snack intermittently throughout the day to keep metabolism burning and help avoid cravings for high-fat foods 
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