Easter and it is chocolate time!

Health facts of chocolates for children.

Chocolates has certain elements such as serotonin that affect various mood-regulation hormones and support in getting them to good level. When you lack in energy, nibbling a chocolate can make you feel rejuvenated and give you quick energy to help you return to your daily tasks. Dark chocolate is recommended since it plays a vital role in triggering the presence of flavonoids in the brain’s hippocampus. When stimulated, these elements will help to increase children’s concentration and for the effective memory.  It is a fact that chocolate help in restoring healthy skin, without inducing any acne. Moreover, eating chocolate improves blood circulation and supports in brain development among children. 

Parents restrict their kids from having chocolates in the belief that it causes tooth to decay. But the truth is that chocolate helps to reduce the presence of plaque. 


Side effects of chocolate in children 

But hey of course, it has got many side effects if consumed excessively. 


Yes, this isn’t just an issue seen in only adults today but among the kids. This is not because of the stress in children, but the presence of caffeine in most chocolates. This can even keep them awake at night and make them tired on the next day. 

Avoiding healthy food

It might seem as an occasional tantrum at the beginning which can turn into a habit. The interest of children towards sweetness and chocolates can make them avoid eating healthy food and affect their development. 

Risk of Allergies


Chocolates contain a lot of elements such as milk, nuts and other flavours. Having chocolates blindly can cause a medical emergency if your kid has any of these allergies. 


An addiction

Chocolate addiction is real in children. Increased affinity towards chocolate can results in crying when they are denied having them and resorting in eating chocolates without parent’s knowledge.

Risk of Diabetes

The insulin sensitivity triggered by chocolates is the real culprit in causing diabetes in the children. 
Even in children, consuming chocolates in exorbitant quantities could cause a huge load on the body’s insulin production and could create the foundations to trigger type 2 diabetes quite early in life.


Risk of obesity


Chocolates contain fatty ingredients such as cocoa butter, milk solids, milk fats and other similar ingredients. By having these fatty foods excessively without much exercise will end up in obesity. 



So, what are the possible solutions?

  •  Do use chocolates to encourage good behaviour in your child but don’t use it to get them to behave properly or as a bribe to get a task done.
  • Instead of opting for large bars of chocolate, go for smaller ones and in limited quantities.
  • opt for chocolates that have low-fat, sugar and milk content in them.
  •  Alternate usual chocolates with chocolate-flavoured biscuits or ice cream, occasionally.
  • There are caffeine-free chocolate bars available as well. Choose those over the usual ones.

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