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Dr Tanya’s NuBrush and Holy Basil Serum nominated as Best New Product at TVSN

We’re extremely delighted to share that Dr Tanya’s NuBrush and Holy Basil Serum have been nominated for the Best New Product Award in the TVSN Customer Beauty Awards 2020!
Personally a piece of heartening news amidst challenging times and professionally, it provides added encouragement for us to continue to progress our products and new developments.

This recognition for Dr. Tanya NuBrush and Holy Basil Serum is particularly gratifying because the products were developed a vision to remedy a range of hair health issues and whilst embodying the true spirit of my company Australian Skin Life!

As a doctor and cosmetic surgeon, I come across a number of cases of skin and hair issues every day. I must say that the number of patients with complaints related to drastic hair loss and baldness I have seen noticeably increasing – alarmingly so! The issue that was repeatedly highlighted by my patients made me take note and really think about getting to the bottom of this trend with a real solution.

We all know there are numerous factors leading to sudden and even more gradual hair loss. For women, biological milestone such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause etc impact on hair growth and texture. Additionally, factors like stress and diet etc also take their toll on hair.

One thing that is very top of mind for me, is how much our hair is a clear indicator of the body’s general health. The moment we start taking care of it, the hair quality improves.
We all use a range of hair care products like hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, serums, lotions, creams etc. Whilst these products help to maintain the texture and colour of the hair, they do little if anything to assist in hair growth.

Most of us have been known to resort to all measures to take care of our hair, but we tend to ignore the main part – the scalp. For hair growth and hair strength, we need to nourish the scalp ..the starting point… from where the hair grows. However the the solution of a daily good oil massage for scalp rejuvenation was not viable for most of us and not everyone can afford the time and luxury of an oil massage or an exclusive masseuse. This was the real problem that needed to be addressed, providing an in home solution.

I designed the Dr. Tanya NuBrush and Holy Basil Hair Care solution to do exactly that. The Dr. Tanya NuBrush reinvigorates the scalp and boosts hair growth. The device evenly dispenses oils as a nurturing serum throughout the scalp. The gentle massaging vibration of the Nu Brush assists in stimulating the hair roots and scalp, whilst providing the added benefit of detoxify the scalp and root surface.

Holy Basil is an age-old, time-tested ingredient that has been known as the ‘cure’ for many skin and hair problems. Using this ancient knowledge with modern medical and evidence-based science we were able to create the Dr. Tanya Holy Basil Serum.

Today, my patients reaffirm that the Dr. Tanya NuBrush and Holy Basil serum hair care system create a remarkable combination for holistic hair care. Ever since these products were featured in TVSN, I have been overwhelmed by the tremendous feedback and the positive recommendations that has recently placed NuBrush and Holy Basil Serum as a finalist in the Best New Product category in the TVSN Customer Beauty Awards 2020.

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you and show my appreciation to the incredible support from my clients, well-wishers, colleagues and friends. The voting is on now and I firmly believe that good words lead to good deeds, and I invite you to vote now and further support this great product. Thank you again for your continued support, this enables me to further my work in developing products that provide real and whole health solutions THANK YOU!

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