COVID-19 Myths

The rumours and misconceptions about COVID-19 are spreading at a faster rate than the novel virus. We have to be mindful of the misleading rumours during such a critical period of pandemic, since wrong information can lead to undesirable outcomes. Here are some of the misconceptions that have been doing rounds. 

Myth 1: Vaccine for COVID-19 is available 

Currently, there is no vaccine that cures Coronavirus. Scientists in China were successful in finding the genetic sequence of the Corona Virus, weeks after it was first discovered. So they are working towards developing a vaccine to be released later this year. 

Myth 2: Using antibiotics will help you 

Antibiotics can help you fight only bacteria. Coronavirus, being a virus, will remain unaffected. Consuming antibiotics as a precaution is not advisable. 

Myth 3: COVID-19 is a deadly disease 

Only about 1% of people infected with Coronavirus die due to the disease. COVID-19 has not affected generally healthy people much. Most individuals who have died from COVID – 19 were people with health issues such as heart disease, respiratory problems, diabetes etc. 

Myth 4: Pets spread the disease 

Healthcare professionals have made it clear that no proof has been found so far that pets carry the Coronavirus on their fur and cause spreading of the disease. COVID-19 is spread through human to human transmission.   

Myth 5:  Coronavirus will not survive in warmer weather  

The spread of the disease has nothing to do with weather conditions. The impact of COVID-19 has been more or less the same in hot, humid climate of India and Singapore as in the cold conditions of Europe. 

Myth 6: Avoid seafood, meat and egg

There are widespread rumours that consuming non-vegetarian food is the cause of the disease. However, the food eaten has no direct connection with the spread of the disease. There is no solid reason to avoid meat, egg or seafood. 

Myth 7: Consumption of Garlic, Alcohol etc can prevent the disease  

There is no solid proof to establish that alcohol consumption kills the Corona virus. Similarly, though consuming garlic, turmeric etc are good for health, they are not effective in preventing the disease. 

Myth 8: Avoid Chinese Food 

There are some baseless WhatsApp forwards that are asking people to avoid Chinese food. Though COVID-19 started in China, it has spread to over 100 countries now and it is not because of eating Chinese food. 

Myth 9: Avoid parcels from China 

Chinese online products have market across the globe. There is widespread fear that packages from china may carry the virus. This is impossible. The Coronavirus cannot live on hard surfaces for a long time and can only survive on human body. 

Myth 10: Facemask can protect you from illness 

People around the world have been frantically buying facemasks since the outbreak of the disease. The masks typically don’t fit tight on everyone to protect nose and mouth fully, and it leaves eyes exposed. The masks should be essentially worn by Corona patients and healthcare professionals. If you wear facemask and do not follow other safety precautions, it cannot protect you from Corona Virus. 

Follow the guidelines and precautions set by medical pracitioners. Do not fall prey to misleading instructions. Stay safe. 

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